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Hong Leong Mobile Banking

You can now send money instantly using just your Mobile with PEx

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You can now make payment without cash or card, just use your Smartphone with PEx+

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Hong Leong Mobile Banking

Hong Leong Mobile Banking App allows you to access your banking accounts on-the-move, to perform instant fund transfer via your mobile phone and to locate Hong Leong Bank's points of services, whenever and wherever.
Download the App today from your iPhone and Android smart phone!

Download and Installation

Search for “Connect by Hong Leong Bank Vietnam” application at application stores and then install on your device.

Apple – App Store

Open "App Store"
on iOS
Go to "Search">
Type "Connect by Hong Leong Bank Vietnam"
Select "Connect
Vietnam" > "Install"

Android – Market / Google Play / PlayStore

Open "Google Play" on Android
Go to "Search">
Type "Connect by Hong Leong Bank Vietnam"
Select "Connect
Vietnam" > "Install"

Hong Leong Mobile Banking application is currently supported on any smart phone and tablet of the below specifications:

Operation System Screen Size
Apple iOS (from version 5.x) 3.5" and above
Android OS (from version 2.3.3) 3.7" and above

* The app would look at it is best with the screen size aspect ratio of 3:5 or 9:16.

What can you do with Hong Leong Mobile Banking?

account inquiry

Check your account balances and transaction history are organised for your quick overview.

Account balances and history are available for:

- Savings / Current Account

- Fixed Deposit

- Loan Account

pay & transact

Transfer funds to your own account and favourite 3 rd party at HLBVN effortlessly.

locate & link up

Our interactive branch locator is now made available on your mobile phone! Find the nearest Hong Leong ATM, Priority Banking, Branch and Transaction Office. You'll also able to locate Hong Leong Promotions and merchant tie ups around you.

Loan calculator

Need a loan? Calculator your housing and car loan repayments whilst on the move.

other services

Device maintenance; Change wallpaper; and others.

PEx - Payment Express

A revolutionary new mobile-to-mobile money transfer system awaits you.

The simplest and quickest mobile-to-mobile payment service! PEx enables you to pay from your Hong Leong Current or Savings Account to any local mobile number on your smart phone contacts address book or to anyone with a local mobile number. Payee is required to collect the PEx payment via Internet to transfer the fund into his / her HLBVN account.

Within the Hong Leong Mobile Banking app, simply enter the mobile phone number you want to send money to or select from your contacts, the amount up to VND100,000,000 per day, and send it. Every PEx transaction will be given a Collection Code that you can provide to the payee.

The payee will receive an sms notice about the PEx payment, and then will go to www.hongleongconnect.com.vn to claim the money. They will need to enter their mobile phone number, PEx amount, Collection Code, and the designated bank account they want the funds transferred to. It can be any Current or Savings Account of HLBVN.

  1. Mobile numbers are easier to remember and normally stored in your phone contacts. Transfer money to a mobile number is much easier than to an account number.
  2. You are out with your friends for lunch or drinks and it’s time to split the bill. You and your friend can just PEx each other. Easy peasy!
  3. Out on the first date but don’t feel like having either party to foot the bill? Surprise them by PEx-ing the money to his / her mobile number and the fund will be credited directly to his / her account or they can make a PEx payment collection via Online Banking, then withdraw it at the nearest ATM.
  4. Be a life savior! Your little brother or sister is stuck in college and has no money for lunch and the taxi fare home. Just PEx the money to their mobile phone and the fund will be credited directly to his / her account or they can make a PEx payment collection via Online Banking.

You can collect your PEx payment by visiting www.hongleongconnect.com.vn and selecting the "PEx Payment Collection" button.

You will be required to enter:

  • The Collection Code (from sender)
  • Your Mobile Number (in receiving PEx payment notification)
  • The Payment Amount

Subsequently, you need to enter an account number to receive the payment. The account number must be a current or savings account at HLBVN.

Your Mobile Banking profile is tied to your smart phone. So a 3rd party will not be able to login to your account from another smart phone.

You are required to deactivate your Hong Leong Mobile Banking or deregister your devide under the following scenario:

  • When your mobile phone is lost / stolen
  • When you change your mobile phone

2 options to deactivate/cancel your Mobile Banking:

  • Login Hong Leong Mobile Banking on another device and perform de-register old / lost / stolen device by yourself; or
  • Visit any of our Branch / Transaction Offices and fill in Service Request form; or
  • Call our Hong Leong Call Center at +84 8 7300 8100

PEx+ Payment Express Plus

A revolutionary new payment service using technology on smart-phones without the need for cash or card awaits you.

The simplest, quickest and most secured payment service! PEx+ enables you to pay for your goods and servives through simple steps.

An account holder of HLBVN only needs to select the PEx+ function on the smart-phone’s home screen of Hong Leong Connect App, input password and then scan the merchant’s QR code over the counter. Payment will be confirmed with just a swipe – fast, convenient and secured.

  1. Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza
    35 Bis – 45 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HCMC
    Tel: 848 38277636
  2. Parkson Hung Vuong Plaza
    126 Hung Vuong, Ward 12, District 5, HCMC
    Tel: 848-22220383
  3. Parkson Viet Tower
    198B Tay Son, Dong Da District, Hanoi
    Tel: 844 35378666